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A Technology Partner to Save You Money on Every Shipment

For the past 18 years, Express 1 has served over 100,000 businesses using our Philosophy of Innovation – A vision to create a better model to meet consumers’ needs. We collectively apply our unique methodology, sector focus, and deep product expertise to help deliver maximum value to our customers.

As a United States Postal Service Solutions Provider, our primary focus is to bridge the gaps between people, process and technology’s. Express 1 is a technology bridge for the USPS by providing API integrated rate and variable shipping software platforms and solutions that the USPS would not otherwise be able to provide or support "real time," either on the technological back-end or customer support facing front-end.

Express 1 is a Sales and Support Business Partner for the United States Postal Service that markets primarily to the small and medium sized business segment via technological solutions with an emphasis on e-commerce businesses and online applications. This approach ensures our ability to recommend optimal Shipping Solutions with a wide range of efficient and cost-saving benefits specifically designed to meet your current and evolving shipping needs.

We Have the Right Service at the Right Price and That Makes Us the Right Solution for YOU!

If you want your shipments to get in the hands of your customers as quickly and easily as possible, call us today! We’re ready to take all of your shipping volume—right now, seamlessly, and all for some of the most competitive prices in the market.

Grow International
A business proposal to China, an online order to England or daily product shipments to Canada, the USPS will meet your needs to these countries as well as 190 other International Destinations right from your desktop!

Savings Partner
As a volume postage partner of The USPS, Express 1 is able to provide discounts for any size business no matter volume. Express 1 offers competitive rates to maximize savings, streamline operations & increase profits.

USPS Partner
There’s never been a better time to switch to USPS. With world-class service, the largest delivery network in the U.S., and upfront pricing, you’ll get shipping solutions that will help your business grow!