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Your Savings Solution
As a United States Postal Service Solutions Provider, our primary focus is to bridge the gaps between people, processes and technologies.
This approach ensures our ability to recommend optimal Shipping Solutions with a wide range of efficient and cost-saving benefits specifically designed to meet your current and evolving shipping needs. Our mission is to provide solutions or ideas enabling timely, pro-active and progressive system changes for the competitive progression of your shipping operations.

Leveraging our strategic partnerships and state-of-the-art technology, Express 1 streamlines the entire shipping process, increasing your ability to effectively manage vast numbers of shipments without sacrificing customer service or quality. Our USPS Shipping Solutions are the FAST and efficient way to go from order, to label, to tracking without any changes to your current shipping process. Imagine no new procedures to memorize, no intensive training sessions, and no learning curve.

“Enable Your E-Commerce”
The two most recognizable APIs in E-Commerce are products feeds and payment processors. But after you “Add to Cart” and “Process Payment”, there is one API that is still needed to make sure your customers receive their goods. Enable Your E-Commerce. Complete the Circle with a Shipping API

Express 1 wants companies like yours to discover the many benefits of a Shipping API and what it means to “Enable Your E-Commerce”. Express 1’s USPS API will let you check rates, track packages, validate addresses, and even optimize shipments in an easy to integrate solution that will complete your E-Commerce circle. Some of the uses for our API include:

  • E-Commerce software companies that need to incorporate shipping calculations for their customers.
  • Programmers and Developers who need to provide shipping quotes for projects and applications.
  • Companies that have outgrown their current shipping solutions.